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Book Printing finishing on the cover

Time:2019-07-04 Views:44

Book Printing finishing on the cover 

About book printing ,there are many beautiful and special finishing for the cover.
Today ,we would like to share several finishing with you,which is normally used in the book printing.
One is the embossing and debossing ,another is gold/silver stamping.

1.Embossing and debossing

The pressure is used to make the paper emboss, which is of course the feeling of using the elastic function of the paper.
Both embossing and debossing models are necessary. The general method is to place the convex shape on the table and then heat it slightly.
When the concave shape is pressed from top to bottom, the paper will have the shape of the concave and convex. In many cases,
when the outer edge of a trademark or pattern must be embossed to form a concave-convex shape, the alignment line must be accurately placed on the four sides, otherwise the shape and the printed portion cannot be completely matched.


2.Gold stamping and silver stamping
A gold font or pattern often seen on the cover of a book or on a wooden board or plastic surface, etc.,
by expressing a pattern or text of the desired gold stampting in a convex version, and then placing an aluminum
foil of the desired color on the printed matter. After the paper is pressed, the aluminum foil falls onto the printed matter,
and the effect is excellent, and the aluminum foil is closely attached to the printed matter, and never fades.

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