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Common printing terms

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Common printing terms

1. Printing: The technology of transferring the graphic information on the original to the substrate using printing plates or other methods.

2, planographt: a printing method using lithographic printing.

3. Offset lithography: The graphics on the printing plate are first printed on the intermediate carrier (blanket roller), and then the indirect printing method on the substrate is transferred.

4, offset printing press: According to the principle of indirect printing. The printing plate is a lithographic printing machine that transfers graphics to a substrate through a blanket transfer cylinder for printing.

5. Printing plate: a printing graphic carrier used to transfer ink to the substrate. Tong is divided into four types: letterpress, intaglio, lithography and stencil.

6. Paltemaking: the process of copying into a printing plate according to the original.

7. Computerized phototypesetting system: a set of typesetting equipment consisting of character and typesetting instruction input equipment, proofreading device, proofreading output device, control device, and typesetting host.

8, Text composition: The process of composing the text manuscript in accordance with the design requirements to form a prescribed layout.

9. Printing down: The process of transferring information on negative or positive negatives to printing plates or other photosensitive materials by contact exposure.

10. Presensitizedplate: a lithographic printing plate that is coated with a photosensitive layer in advance and can be exposed at any time, referred to as "PS plate"

11. Post-press finishing: a production process that enables printed materials to obtain the required shape and performance, such as binding

12. Indirect printing: Printing method in which the ink on the printing plate is transferred to the surface of the substrate through the transfer of the intermediate carrier.

13. Printing stock: A variety of materials that can accept ink or absorb color materials and present graphics.

14, Multi-color printing: In a printing process, two or more ink colors are printed on the substrate.

15. Format: Cut a sheet of full-open paper into several small sheets with the same area, how many sheets are called; the cost of binding is how many sheets.

16.Guide: Paper positioning part of sheetfed offset press.

17. Gripper edge: When printing on a single sheet of paper, it is a blank edge left on the front end of the substrate such as printing plate and paper.

18. Registering: When printing in two or more colors, the graphics of each color separation plate can reach and maintain accurate registration.

19. Register mark: The cross lines and corner lines set on the edge of the printing plate, the basis for proofreading and inspection registration.

20. Out of register: In the process of register printing, the error of imprinting overlap.

21, Color patch: the standard of the basic color and its mixed color represented by the field and / or mesh color block; it can also be used as a mark of the color separation plate when making plates.

22. Four-color offset printing: Overprinting with four color separation versions of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black with printing ink can obtain an offset printing method that is basically the same as the original color.

23. Color atlas: using standard cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks, according to the percentage of different halftone dots, the sum of various color blocks.

24. Printed matter: a general term for the production of various products using printing technology.

25. Saddle stitching: a method of book binding, such as moving on horseback. After the thin book is covered, place it across Tiejia Yao and wear the iron wire nails. (Generally above 32P, no need for riding nails)

26, Pages: Refers to the side of 16 sheets of paper. (May also refer to other open numbers)

27. Film: A transparent film that transfers printed electronic files through an imagesetter, used for printing plates.

28, Grams: an important indicator of paper thickness.

29, Proofing: the process of making printed samples.

30. Production: The process of outputting film with electronic files.

31.Offfset: Offset printing, the printing plate used is smooth.

32. Offset paper: A kind of printing paper. There is no coating layer on the surface of the paper.

33. Art paper: A kind of printing paper with a coating layer on the surface and gloss, which is mostly used for color propaganda printing.

34. Matte copper: a kind of printing paper, also known as matte, the surface coating layer is matte treated, and it is mostly used for color propaganda printing.

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